Jo is a consultant who has a track record of developing and executing strategy, influencing decision makers and finding solutions to complex policy and organisational challenges. She is an experienced Chief Executive, board director, strategist, gender and policy expert.

As a consultant and advisor, Jo can help you:

  • develop your organisation and project strategies with a focus on implementation and results

  • provide you with solutions to complex policy, research and organisational issues

  • support you in achieving your gender and diversity goals.

She brings to her consulting and research work experience from more than a decade leading state sector organisations and more than two decades of providing solutions to social and policy issues. She has facilitated senior teams' strategic sessions and supported them to articulate and implement their strategy. Her consulting work has included supporting leadership teams to develop and implement changes necessary to achieve a diverse workforce.

"We engaged Jo to review our Fellowship programme to help us identify where unconscious bias could be hampering us, especially in terms of creating an inclusive process that builds diversity. Jo took a holistic approach to her review, looking at our documents, interviewing people who had been through the process and attending Fellowship application deliberations. Jo has respectfully challenged us to check our assumptions and think broadly about how we judge leadership and success in our industry. Her advice was direct and clear, and she offered tangible recommendations for improvement."

Helen Davidson, Engineering New Zealand

"Dr Cribb was engaged to work with the NZDF to provide an independent review of the organisational diversity and inclusion strategy and develop an action plan to reinvigorate and accelerate progress. Dr Cribb has remained engaged with the NZDF as these recommendations have been considered at the executive level, including presenting to various parts of the organisation and leading discussion, enabling sometimes difficult conversations to occur with objectivity and promote organisational success. The NZDF has found Dr Cribb to be a very professional and dynamic consultant who has demonstrated dynamic engagement that has exceeded our expectations."

Rear Admiral A.J.O Martin, ONZM, Chief of Navy

As a facilitator, Jo can:

    • design and facilitate strategy sessions that get results

    • design and facilitate co-design workshops that create meaningful solutions.

As an experienced facilitator for boards, leadership teams and groups of leaders, Jo will work with you to develop inclusive and effective processes, sessions and events. She enjoys working both on-line and face-to-face.

"As a group of leaders working in children’s health within the social impact space we knew we wanted to have a combined voice to government but we also knew that we needed someone to bring our collective voices together as one and help us map out a strategy and unified voice. Jo Cribb was that person. Jo led a workshop that was inclusive, insightful, focused and considerate. She prepared well, executed with passion and empathy and directed the group to an outcome we were all pleased with. She helped us with our journey to a collective strategy."

Robyn Kiddle and Aisha Daji Punga, Children’s Health Collective

As a coach and career mentor, Jo can help you:

  • advance your career

  • find more meaning in your work life

  • future-proof your career.

Jo brings her experience of working at the most senior levels of leadership and the practical realities of parenthood to her coaching and mentoring work. She aims to support those she works with to identify and then achieve their aspirations. Based on her research into the future of work, Jo will also encourage you to think about your long term career aspirations and plans. She is a member of the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL).

"Jo worked closely with me, assisting me in identifying the next career opportunity that best suited to my personality, capability and skill sets. She coached me in overcoming my self doubt on juggling family and senior leadership responsibilities. She challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and address my self doubts. Jo has proven to me that family and work can be managed for a senior female leader and has guided me in developing my own personal brand and overcoming perceived obstacles. Jo has assisted me in building self confidence to move forward in my Senior Leadership career. I would highly recommend Jo to any individual looking for leadership and self development guidance."

Victoria Bourne, General Manager Human Resources, Fairway Resolution

"Jo is an amazing professional coach. Through working with her I am more focused and have a clearer vision of what I am trying to achieve. I feel more confident taking on bigger challenges knowing I can lean on her experience and expertise if I hit a roadblock. She is my cheerleader and constructive critic, all while helping me navigate the complexities of being a mother, wife, and working professional."

Jasmine Hardy Mills, Part Time Professionals

As a keynote speaker, Jo can help you:

    • inspire your audience to understand and embrace diversity and the future of work

    • inspire you to develop and reach your career aspirations.

Jo is regularly invited to speak at conferences, after dinner and at leadership events on issues of gender, diversity, the future of work, career advancement, leadership and governance.

"Chorus were fortunate to have Dr Jo Cribb speak at our Leadership Conference in August 2018. Jo spoke to a group of 180 senior leaders about the changing world of work, the impact of technology and what that may mean for workplaces and individuals in the future. Jo’s style is relaxed, humorous and knowledgeable - she is able to deliver facts and data, sometimes sobering ones, in an engaging and relatable way. We were left informed, challenged, but also with the ability to act following Jo’s presentation."

Kim Culpan, Head of Organisational Development, Chorus

As a governance expert, Jo can help you:

  • increase the performance of your board, specifically community sector boards

  • facilitate your strategic conversations and planning sessions

  • undertake your board evaluations

  • support you to grow your governance career.

As an experienced director (board positions include the New Zealand Media Council, IHC, Literacy Aotearoa, and the Navy Leadership Board), facilitator of governance training through the Institute of Directors, and researcher of NGO governance, Jo can support you and your board.

"Barnardos approached Dr Jo Cribb to work with us because of her extensive knowledge of the Government and NGO sector, and her skills of working with boards and strong leadership teams. We engaged her to facilitate a challenging strategic discussion. We required an environment where courageous and robust discussion could take place and to assist in the development of an action plan that would to set the direction for the organisation for the next 18 months. Dr Jo Cribb listened, sought clarification and communicated with us through out the process. She worked collaboratively with the team to ensure she understood the different perspectives and the purpose of discussion. We appreciated that Dr Jo Cribb connected to the vision of our organisation. Dr Jo Cribb is a passionate and professional consultant who is committed to supporting organisations to achieving their strategic outcomes."

Mike Munnelly, CE Barnardos