Board Evaluations

Regular board evaluations are becoming common practice.  Regular evaluations, if done well, provide opportunities to increase board performance, tackle issues before they become intractable, and build cohesion across board members.

Over the past five years I have facilitated many board review and evaluation processes.  It is a privilege to be invited into board rooms. 

My preferred approach to evaluations is: 
- a briefing from the Chair on board performance and potential issues and opportunities
- designing a bespoke board evaluation questionnaire tailored to the board: lifecycle, sector, size, issues
- analysing and synthesising the data from the questionnaire and drafting a succinct, anonymised report on findings 
- facilitating a board session to discuss the findings and identifying actions for a board development plan 
- providing tailored governance training and coaching 

            Established as an independent Crown entity in 2020, Te Kāhui Tātari Ture|Criminal Cases Review Commission (Te Kāhui) is responsible                for investigating potential miscarriages of justice with the power to refer cases back to the Court of Appeal. Led by Chief Commissioner                Colin Carruthers, QC the board comprises seven Commissioners. As an experienced senior executive and governance leader, Jo Cribb                facilitated sessions with Te Kāhui leading to the development of the board Kawenata|Charter. She also supported the Chief Commissioner             and the Board with their first annual self-evaluation. Jo is thoughtful, can bring relevant insights to the discussion and very quickly built                    rapport and trust with Te Kāhui. We look forward to an ongoing working relationship with Jo Cribb.

            Parekawhia McLean

            Tumu Whakarae | CEO


            Our volunteer board identified the need to evaluate their governance skills and knowledge, and Jo Cribb was so the right person to bring                on to help them do this. She developed a self-assessment survey for them, analysed the findings, and developed and facilitated a                        day's workshop on governance essentials.

            Weaving facts and sharing interesting stories and easy to relate to analogies,  Jo made the learning experience relevant  for the                            experienced board members without overwhelming those new to governance.  Board members also got to to know, and appreciate, each             others' governance skills and ways of working, through the engaging activities, Jo had planned. Jo re-focused the board's attention on the             big picture. They have a shared understanding of what governance is (and is not) and a clearer view of what their role is. And it wasn't just             a day of listening or talking. By the end of the day, they had co-developed an action plan for the board's initiatives for the year.

            Jo is an excellent facilitator.  Her friendly, relaxed style put everyone at ease. This session was a thoroughly worthwhile investment in the                professionalism of the organisation and its people.

            Tania Cotter
            CE Physical Education New Zealand (PENZ)